Little Alice


liberty logo london shoppingThis ready-tied headscarf style is made in panels which can be turned back at the front to give extra height or pushed back flat to give more of a bandanna type effect. It is elasticated at the back but also has a tie – belt & braces! This style can be put on and tied in seconds. It is the ultimate easy tie headscarf for anyone undergoing chemo or suffering from alopecia or any other female medical hairloss issues & definitely our most popular style. Made from 100% cotton Liberty of London Prints. This is incredibly soft & cool feeling, perfect for a warm Summers day. Machine washable. Priced at £40.

Children’s Sizing Information

All of my products are hand stitched by myself to fit you.

Children’s heads are quite variable but as a guide

Toddler 3-5 years (20” or 51cm)
Child 6-12 years (21” or 53cm)
Teenager ( 21.5” or 55cm)

To take your head measurement wrap a tape measure firmly across your forehead above your ears and around the back at the widest part of your head as if wearing a crown (must
be where terminology crown of your head came from!?). If you don’t own a tape measure then you could always use a piece of ribbon and measure, cut and then lay it flat against a ruler. Please indicate your head size at the time of placing order so that I can ensure the perfect fit for you.