Chemo Scarf Turban

Sophia silk scarf turban

I know that a lot of people struggle to tie a traditional square silk scarf, it is either too fiddly or it doesn’t feel secure enough. This led me create a product to alleviate this problem. I buy in the finest Italian silk scarves in beautiful prints and then I create an elasticated circle at the front that you can thread the two ends of the scarf through. I have called this scarf turban Sophia, after Sophia Loren who rocked the turban glamour look back in the 1960s.

This is a fun style to wear as you can create slightly different looks by pulling the 2 ends I have made at the back through the elasticated front circle and either tying in a knot to give extra height & a dramatic effect or simply crossing over and tucking back in for a neater, more sophisticated look. You can really play with the colourful edging of these scarves, either leaving them to frame the face or tucking them away for a plainer look.

Turbans have become very fashionable of late and it is a look that can be pulled off with a bit of confidence. Think 60s film star not cancer patient!? This turban scarf style adds height & fullness to your face & and sits low at the nape of your neck.

It is also worth mentioning that it is believed that sleeping in silk head wear at night will result in much better hair condition & is therefore a great idea if your hair is just growing back after chemotherapy treatment. It will protect your hair from the tossing & turning which causes abrasion & split ends, so sleeping in one of these silk turbans is a great way to protect your hair & let it grow back into shiny, healthy hair again.

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