Silk Sleep Turban

Lucy Silk Sleep Turban

I have been asked many times if I make a silk sleep turban. They have become very popular with many ladies using a hair wrap at night to keep their hair in excellent condition, ladies of Caribbean descent have been doing it for years! Hair damage often occurs at night as you toss & turn on a pillow, many ladies know about the benefits of using a silk pillowcase and now you can use the same silk satin to protect your hair. It can be particularly good to sleep in a silk turban as hair grows back after chemo or if you are using scalp cooling (aka the cold cap) to protect your hair which might become brittle and particularly susceptible to breakage at night. It is also a perfect choice for anyone suffering from menopausal night sweats as silk is a natural fibre that will wick moisture away from the skin keeping you cool at night.

Silk is a natural fibre that is a long fibre making it smooth, soft & gentle on your hair & scalp. Therefore it reduces friction on your hair resulting in less frizz and bed head. It also helps your hair retain moisture leaving your hair lustrous and less brittle & liable to breakage.

This traditional turban style adds height & fullness to your face & and sits low at the nape of your neck. There is a small oblong band at the centre front and a cascade of hand stitched pleats at the back with a small section of elastic at the nape of the neck to ensure it stays in place while you are sleeping. It is unlined to make it cool & comfortable to wear all night long.

I have called my sleep turban, Lucy, after the lovely lady you see modelling on this website who got me started on this chemo headwear business in the first place. She is and remains a true inspiration.

Priced at £60

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