Some happy Chemo Headwear clients

  • My replacement cap has arrived today, and I am very pleased with it. Thank you for the tip about wearing the Olive Caps. I do wear them back to front all the time, and I have received several compliments about them! I have to say these caps have definitely helped me deal with my hair loss.
  • I received the headscarf before my holiday and was very impressed with the quality of the fabric, design and make-up. In the end I didn’t use it on holiday, mainly because my week off chemo has slowed down the rate of hair loss, so I am hanging on!  My hair was very thick so there’s some way to go, but of course you don’t know how fast it will all happen. Anyway, I could relax knowing that I had a beautiful scarf to use.
    Thank you so much.
  • My headwear has been safely delivered and I’m delighted with all 3 items. Thank you so much. I’m sure I’ll be ordering some more as you have such lovely fabrics, and so soft on my sensitive scalp.
  • I have your Amber head wear and love it, it's my favourite of everything I've bought/tried so far. It stays on when twisted round my head and they are flattering…but most importantly they stay on in the storm winds we've had in Cornwall and in the sea. I know they aren't meant for water, but its the best I can think of. I don’t like swim caps, they hurt. Thank you again, the wraps are lovely and they have been great at protecting my head from the sun while I was bodyboarding.
  • Thank you Claire it arrived yesterday and is a perfect fit thank you. Cheered me up a great deal as I had my first chemo session the day before.
  • Thank you for this and I am very pleased to confirm that it has arrived and is just want I
    wanted. Thanks.
  • WOW!! That was fast. Thanks Claire.
    I have the bright version which I love, so excited to have a blue one too.
    I adore your work.
  • Hi Claire, just to say my beautiful arrived arrived safely in Inverness a few days ago and it fits perfectly. I have bought it to wear for a very special trip to London to see Wicked
    the musical for my daughters 21st birthday. The theatre is all green so it will be perfect.
    We will try and take a photo for you when we are there. Thank you so much.
  • Thank you Claire it arrived yesterday and is a perfect fit thank you. Cheered me up a great deal as I
    had my first chemo session the day before.
  • I loved the first one I bought so thought I’d order another. Your service and care were exceptional.
  • I just wanted to email to say thank you for sending my order. I have started to wear the turbans this week and they are so comfy and the patterns are great!
  • Thank you so much for my grey chemo hat. It is so good to get one that fits my small head.
  • Many thanks Claire. Order has just arrived and I love them – thank you. Makes me want to order a whole variety!
  • My headwear arrived today and I am so pleased with them, thank you very much indeed.
  • I am very grateful to have met you Claire and my recovery and treatment is all about meeting people like you, caring and helping along the journey, so thanks a lot.
  • Thank you Claire for my fabulous new beanie, I love it! So kind of you to hand deliver to me so I could wear it to choir that night.
  • My silk scarf arrived today thank you – and fits perfectly.  Such a great service!  Will see how I get on with both versions.
  • I purchased a Lucy Bamboo and a Caroline (reversible Lucy) in the Forbidden Fruit pattern last year. They have both been a god send. I used a cold cap so only lost some of my hair. The turbans kept my head warm and gave me the confidence when I went out. In fact when I wore the forbidden fruit one, I was given so many compliments and told how glamorous I looked. My hair is growing now however I am still wearing them for the time being. You were recommended to me by a friend whose mum had cancer (fully recovered now). I have recommended you to other cancer patients I have met along the way and will continue to do so.  Many Thanks.
  • I received my visor scarf today.  It is lovely, thank you.
  • Thank you for the prompt delivery of Hat #2. Hat #1 was beginning to look a bit grubby. The new hat is lovely, feels comfy like a head hug and looks ok both ways. Meantime many thanks for your excellent service.
  • Thank you so much for all your hard work and time finding new materials, it’s much appreciated! ….Just a big thank you for my wonderful scarves I received today. I’m so grateful for all your efforts!
  • Hi Claire, thankyou so much…its arrived! I can tell from my friend’s big smile she loves it ❤ so beautifully packaged too…a personal touch… thankyou! I’m to tell you she LOVES IT!
  • Thank you so much for making the hats. They are beautifully made and the material is so soft. The pale blue beanie is a perfect size.
  • I’m so pleased with the hat I purchased a short while ago, it fits well and stays on at night unlike others.
  • The hats are so comfortable, I will have to order some more, which I will do over the weekend. Having chemo atm so I’m a bit sleepy but looking good. The hats stop the head from getting cold and achy (my friend called it ponytailitis) a bit like when your mum put the hair too tightly in bunches.
  • Once again, thank you for doing such an amazing job of my headscarves. I also love these colours and the material feels lovely against my skin too. I am so very grateful for all you have done for me.
  • I just wanted to say thank you for the turbans. They are beautiful and I am especially wedded to mountain primrose as it seems to go with everything. You were right that colour and pattern are much more flattering than black!
  • Received my turban this morning. Thank you so much its lovely.
  • Thank you so much for seeing me this morning.  You have some wonderful designs and have worked out a lovely variety of styles and fabrics.  Also your other website recommendations are particularly helpful. So I feel really positive good progress has been made today.  Serendipity!
  • Just wanted to thank you for sending the turban so promptly.  The quality of the fabric is lovely – am sure it will be so comfy to wear. I’m going through chemo at the moment but have managed to tolerate the cold cap.  My hair is thinning but not gone yet so I’m holding the turban in reserve for when needed!
  • Thank you so much for the turban, I love it, it’s so soft and fits beautifully. Had grim first chemo yesterday, so it’s lovely to have the comfort of the turban.
  • Rebecca was over the moon with her headscarf. She said it’s incredibly soft and absolutely beautiful so thank you very much. So much nicer than the dingy one she’d been given elsewhere. Keep up the good work!
  • Thank you so much for your email. My headscarf has arrived and I am really pleased with it. I’m rather tempted to use it even though I haven’t yet lost my hair!
  • The hat and visor scarf arrived today – thank you. I love them both! They are so soft and comfortable that I will wear them a lot. I started losing my hair this morning so they arrived at a good moment. It was good to talk to you too.
  • Hi lovely we just got the turbans. My mum is so happy she sends u lots of hugs and kisses.
  • The Kitty Bamboo in navy arrived this morning in your lovely packaging. I wore it out today and I’m so pleased with it I’ve just placed another order for one in sage.
  • Thanks so much, my wife loves the first one so we had to get another!
  • Thank you for sending my hats so promptly. They are lovely and soft and I really appreciate the tip about wearing them as I like the way they look when worn with the label at the front.
  • Your turbans are so comfortable!
  • Thank you for these; they arrived this morning.  Beautiful soft fabric and perfect fit.
  • That’s fabulous Claire can’t wait to receive it, love choice of having different turbans hats to wear, just makes getting through this awful chemo more bearable to still look half attractive.
  • What a wonderfully flattering piece of headgear -such pretty material and a lovely comfortable design. It’s raised morale 100% and I can look forward to summer!
  • Received the turban this morning.  Very quick turnaround and a lovely turban and very easy to use. Thanks for the excellent service.
  • Thank you so much. The scarf arrived today and it’s gorgeous. The ties make it look really special. I’ll send a photo when I’m wearing it with dress.
  • Thank you for the navy headwear. It arrived today all nicely wrapped.
  • Thanks so much. I bought a few different ones for my mum initially but yours was her favourite by far which is why I’ve ordered her another.
  • They are for my Mum, she loves the 1 st  one, prefect fit and so soft, neither too hot or too cold and does not irritate her very delicate skin. Looking forward to getting and giving her the new addition. Thank you for the excellent service Claire.
  • Just to let you know that my turbans have arrived safe and sound this morning. They are lovely and the reversible one is such a great idea, two in one! I know I will be wearing them both lots in the coming months. Thank you also for a very efficient service and taking the extra care to ensure I received them.
  • My lovely hat has arrived today and I am very pleased with it.  I’ve tried it both ways round and it looks equally good.  My husband likes it so much he wants me to get another one, so I might be in touch again soon!
  • My daughter recently bought me a Caroline (Reversable Lucy) turban, with Liberty print/bamboo. It is so soft and easy to wear that she has now bought me another one, which arrived yesterday.
  • The hats arrived today and I am delighted with them. I see what you mean about the Olive hat and think that with a small head it looks excellent turned around.
  • Thank you so much for the prompt making of hats, They are perfect and I feel very comfortable in them. Just right for the festive season.
  • I love all of your fabrics – it’s difficult to make a choice! I’m enjoying my blue liberty scarf – looking forward to buds and berries.
  • Thank you so much for how quickly you get the orders out.  It’s been so helpful.
  • Thanks for confirming all is in order with my Auntie’s order.  She looks fabulous in her other scarves so I am sure she’ll rock this one too. She is my favourite Auntie and I love her dearly. My thanks to you for helping her feel a bit better about herself at this hideous time.
  • Thank you for sending the beanie (& the swatch) so very promptly. It (the beanie) is lovely and comfortable so I can go out tonight without looking like a terribly bedraggled hen!
  • I just had the doorbell ring and it was my package – thank you for checking.
    I love both of my choices – I’m so happy – thank you for making them for me and for checking that I have them
    More soon – I’m now pacing myself!
  • Claire is so pleased with her headscarf. She said it is so comfortable and warm and will give her so much more confidence.
  • Thanks for my Liberty Brown Pear hat received this am. It’s gorgeous & it made me smile. It’s also a lovely fit, extra small.
  • Just to let you know that my hat arrived in today’s post. I’m really pleased with it as it’s a lovely neat light style – perfect for wearing around the house. Thank you!
  • Thank you for my beanie which has arrived safely – a gorgeous colour and so beautifully wrapped! Your beanies are so easy to wear and so comfortable – thank you
  • The blue feathers hat has arrived and is exactly what I wanted. Thank you for being so helpful and considerate. My daughter has wanted to me to get set up with some options well before I need them, in order to reduce one worry, and getting these from you has certainly done that. Thank you.
  • A quick email to say thank you for the very quick processing and sending of the hat – it was delivered today. It is really beautiful, and I think it suits my Mum who is beginning her chemotherapy journey in the coming days.
  • I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much for my order  and to custom make the size. The hat fits perfectly! The liberty print (Olive Liberty Jersey in Dusky Pink Ivory floral) is so cheerful and suits my colouring. My hair is now thinning a lot so I will probably use it shortly.
  • Items arrived safely this morning.  I really like them! Brilliant fabric, great shapes and very well made – from one seamstress to another :o)
  • Hey my lovely.  We just received the turbans. Oh my gosh they are absolutely perfect!! Perfect jersey comfy stretchy gorgeous print colours ahhhh me and my mum and housekeeper love them!!! thank u lovely xxxxxx
  • Thanks Claire! That’s great. I wear your hats all the time. They fit so well. I use the black one after cold capping so wanted another to wear separate to that.
  • It’s arrived and I love it!  Thanks so much.  Its so easy to put on and comfortable to wear.   I might try and get another one in a few weeks so thank you very much.  Makes losing my hair slightly easier to cope with.
  • It was lovely to meet you this morning and for my wife to be able to try on such a wide variety of head coverings at her leisure. It has been very hard for her to come to terms with the necessity of getting some head coverings (in spite of numerous periods from me) and I was starting to despair that she would just continue to let it drift until too late. Your calm and kind manner was just what was needed and we went home with a lovely selection of headwear and my sanity still intact. For which my sincere thanks.
    Neil Tyler
  • I bought a range of chemo hats but the others were all one size and I like that you offer different sizes. Yours are so soft too and not tight (I don’t want any tight elastic over my delicate chemo hair). So I’m so delighted to have yours!
  • The Beanie arrived yesterday, so thanks for the quick delivery. It is so well made and ultra soft so if I lose my hair I will be sending for another one so I can wash/wear them.
  • I love the beanie; so soft and comfy, and very pretty patern. Thank you. Will be ordering an “Alice” too today
  • I can’t tell you what a lift this has given me and it’s had a lot of compliments. Thank you! I will keep checking back to see if you do new material.
  • Just a quick note to say thank you very much for posting my order so promptly. It arrived yesterday, which meant I was able to deliver it to my intended recipient straightaway. She was delighted …. “Thank you very much for the hats. They are cool and I like that they are not obvious cancer hats. I will definitely wear them”
    Great product & fantastic service, thank you!
  • Many Thanks for the turban, it arrived today and is perfect.
  • So sorry I haven’t been in touch… The first few chemo rounds knocked me off my feet a bit. I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the resized beanies. They are super amazing. I’m so grateful for you having sent them so quickly, and to have found you
  • Meant to send this some time ago but have been having Radiotherapy everyday so not much time. I have been very pleased with the Liberty print hat. It has kept my head warm in the cooler weather and also offered protection from the sun. My hair is growing back nicely now so I don’t need to wear it as much these days. However, it’s so comfortable that I can see myself wearing it just as a hat in the cooler months. I love that it stays put on my head and doesn’t fall over my eyes every time I put my head down! Thank you for sending it to me so quickly.
  • I really like the other two hats and I’ve been wearing them since I stopped cold cap and shaved my hair eventually. Very comfy. Being adventurous with the coral -:)
  • I love the hats- love love love them. My favourite is the leopard turban but I will wear them all- feel so much happier to have them- thank you again.
  • Just to say your turbans arrived safely and are just right. Lovely colours. I might well order some more! Thanks for being so helpful and so quick!
  • Just to let you know I’m so pleased with your hats.  It’s great that you do sizes and use such lovely fabrics. They are very comfy to wear also. I particularly like the shape of Olive so have ordered another one!
  • Many thanks for the hats. They are lovely and I’m sure will get lots of wear over the summer.
  • I absolutely love the hats. Thank you for helping me choose them and for making them.
  • I’ve attached a couple of pictures of me in the silk ruched hat, I love it! I’m reluctant to take it off!!!
  • They really look fab and have made the world of difference! Thank you for all your help, and your beautiful work – the quality is really great and they are super soft and comfortable as well as stylish.
  • Many thanks for your wonderful service, just to let you know that the headwear was very gratefully received – she loves the fabric and style. Thank you for the wonderful things you do.
  • Thanks for the update. I received the order this morning – super quick!! I’m very happy with the headwear, thank you so much for all your help.
  • My new headwear has arrived and is very nice indeed. Thank you once again for making the exchange! I think Alice is definitely the best style for me and now very much needed, as I am now looking decidedly ‘threadbare’.
  • The order has arrived and looks great.  Such a relief to have something comfortable and pretty to wear.  Huge thanks.
  • They arrived, just in time for zoom call with friends this eve… very pleased.
  • Hi. thanks for your help. The beanies have arrived and for someone who doesn’t suit hats they look nice. I will be ordering the liberty ruched one shortly. Thanks also for swift service xx
  • Dear Claire, the replacement item arrived and is great for mum. Thank you so much for the exchange, speedy delivery and for your kindness.
  • The gorgeous hat arrived today, it fits perfectly ! Now I feel in my comfort blanket. Many thanks again, I will be back.
  • My headwear arrived yesterday. I just want to say a big thank you. Not only are the items lovely and make me feel feminine and less self conscious but your service was amazing. You should feel so proud that you are making a small but very real difference to people like me at a very difficult time. I will recommend you!
  • Fantastic service, thank you so much. Headwear arrived this morning and looks great. I’d left it until the last minute to order anything so relieved that it came so quickly.
  • I’m absolutely thrilled. The Liberty baby cord is so much softer than I’d imagined and the colours are so vibrant. It already looks like it belongs in my wardrobe. I’m wearing my Kitty as I type – the pool blue is just as I’d hoped, I went out first thing and it was so cosy yet light.
  • I’m absolutely loving my beanies and turban. They fit perfectly… see pic below.. definitely me. Thanks again
  • The parcel arrived yesterday and I have unpacked and admired the headgear today. I feel much better prepared now and will enjoy wearing your creations – thank you. THEN – Very pleased with my chemo bundle – in use now as hair has started to come out in the last few days. You provide a lovely personal service.
  • Just wanted to say, Claire, that as I exited chemo treatment this morning onto the street, a passing girl said ‘ I love your turban! ‘ . I was wearing the red cashmere Lucy model…
    So, thank you: the three different models are all fun to wear, and your turnaround time was so swift!
  • Thanks for my hats, which arrived today. They’re beautifully made and I’m delighted with them! I probably have 2-3 weeks before I start losing hair but I’m wearing the liberty jersey one already – perfect for lockdown bad hair! Thank you!
  • My order arrived on Saturday 9 May and I am very happy with Olive and Kitty, in their discreet packaging. Thank you for your prompt attention. You have a good website, too. I start chemotherapy at the end of the month and like to be organised!
  • I have just received my lovely hat (Olive) from Claire. I can honestly say for the first time I have a beautiful hat which I feel confident in wearing outside of the house. It has been a massive thing for me losing my hair through chemo… this is the first time I feel attractive again, and I’ve had quite a few compliments, which is always good for self esteem. I have ordered another hat and can’t wait for it to arrive.
    Thank you Claire for making my journey a little easier, and for the wonderful customer service.
  • I’m thrilled to say that the turbans dropped onto my doormat this morning and I’m absolutely delighted with them! Thank you so much. The tie-back one will be a gift for when we’re eventually allowed to go on holiday again – a girl can dream! Look after yourself and thanks so much again for fulfilling the order so quickly.
  • Throughout all my communications with Claire even before we met, she was thoughtful and understanding of what I was going through with my recent diagnosis. When I visited with my friends, she was so very welcoming and showed us all the various headwear styles and fabrics of which there were many. She had advised me to bring clothes which I would be wearing with the headwear and was so helpful in explaining the thought behind the different types and advising on what suited me, together with my friends. It really felt like we were in a team with the sole intention of finding the best possible for me. I came away with 6 altogether! She needed to make 2 of them which she posted just a couple of days later. Claire made a very difficult situation so much easier for me and I feel the headwear will make me feel as happy as I can be when I have my new look. I would thoroughly recommend Claire and her beautiful and thoughtful work.
  • Beautiful head wear; I am not a wig person so this head wear has made such a difference to my confidence – enabling me to go out and about without feeling self conscious. Claire has been so helpful and posts things out quickly and efficiently. If you have to go through this I can’t recommend her more highly!
  • My order arrived, inspite of floods all around us! I am keeping both the hat & the “scarf” – I am delighted with them, and am wearing “Kitty” now, and do not want to take it off. I think I am going to treat myself to one, or maybe two more of your hats, as I will need them for the next few months.
  • I received my order and I am so happy I ordered from you! These are the best I’ve seen and they will be perfect and so cute as well as comfortable!
  • Just to let you know the chemo hat arrived yesterday and is great as usual. Take care and thanks for your great customer service, I am very impressed!
  • It was for my sister and she much preferred the cashmere, so I ordered two more of those for her which have also arrived. What lovely products. I got a few options for her from other places and they are just awful.
  • I just wanted to thank you for a lovely couple of hours trying on your fabulous headwear yesterday.  Alice and I had a great time and felt very spoilt having the session all to ourselves.  I am delighted with the beanies and scarfs I bought and wore the teal one out last night in celebration of my new look.
  • Just a note to thank you so much for the hats which I’m delighted with. They fit perfectly and look really good. My daughter Sophia and I really enjoyed our time with you and appreciated the time spent trying on and choosing from such a range of styles and material.
  • It was lovely speaking to you. You sound such a kind person. As I told you I had bought a few from other sites but they are so uncomfortable. I always felt I was fiddling with them but your hats you put them on and forget that they are there. There is never a day when I go anywhere that your hats are not admired. As I have said before you have such a talent. Not only do your hats look good… they are so comfy to wear.
  • Apologies for not getting back to you sooner the hats turned up. Love them. Exquisite. Will be placing another order once this chemo fog lifts!
  • Thank you for the Little Alice, Liberty Tana Lawn, Order No: 2705. My daughter Charlotte, absolutely loves wearing it and she looks ever so beautiful with it on. We both like it better than beanies too because of the tie bit at the back which adds a lovely detail and fits it better to her head.
  • It’s arrived and I love it! Had lots of compliments from my children (must be good then!) and parents and it feels lovely. What is nice is that it’s so light and the tie enables me to adjust how tight I want it. Thank you for getting this to me so quickly!
  • Turban has now arrived. It had been left with a neighbour but Royal Mail hadn’t left a card.
    It’s beautiful and I ‘m very pleased with it.
    Many thanks
  • It was wonderful to meet you! I LOVE my scarves!!!!! You are awesome!!!! Feel free to remind me tomorrow to pay. I would be grateful to be able to make things right. Again, you ROCK!!!
    Mary Kay
  • Very many thanks for the lovely turbans and headscarf – they have given me great confidence. I shall be recommending you to others.
  • I have worn my brown cashmere headwear everyday as it’s so comfortable and have to wash it overnight ready for the next day. I have been bought other headwear as presents but it doesn’t fit and is not anywhere near the quality of your headwear.
  • The pashmina turbans you made for me are a godsend – constantly worn and always favourably commented on.
  • Just to say I am delighted with both items and have started wearing them (not at the same time!). Thank you for your kind words also.
  • Thank you very much for making the chemo headwear for me so quickly. They fit really well and I love the fabrics. I love Liberty fabrics.The brown cashmere does make my eyes shine really blue which is good. I cannot thank you enough for doing this for me so quickly and I feel less scared going ahead this week with the chemo as I know I have them ready. I have no doubt I will be ordering more.
    Vicky Dennis
  • Just to say I am delighted with both items and have started wearing them (not at the same time!). Thank you for your kind words also.
  • Many thanks for your helpful discussions and excellent service.
    Mary White
  • That’s so lovely of you. I really really appreciate it. It’s our 40th wedding anniversary. Since I’ve had my diagnosis I have been overwhelmed by people’s kindness and consideration, you have added another layer today
  • Many thanks for all your help and we will certainly be in touch to come to you if she wants or needs more, you have been so lovely.
  • I wore my Rose hat at the weekend and got lots of compliments and it was incredibly comfortable. I really appreciate your patience and kindness.
  • The “turbans” arrived this morning. Thank you so much they are lovely. Thank heaven you have the wit & imagination to devise this headgear which is a godsend for us who have to face the horrors of hair loss!
  • So lovely to meet you & see your wonderful array of hats. Very exciting for me to find hats I really want to wear.
  • Oh Claire, thank you ever so much. I am having afternoon tea with a good mate and she commented how lovely my hat is!! Thanks to you, I don’t feel so conscious of my baldness.
    Liz Milligan
  • I am so happy to have headwear I feel fab in. It’s a hard time to get through anyway and there are so many depressing websites with sad faded pictures selling twee, scratchy and dated looking chemo head scarfs etc. So I am just so happy I crossed your website. Everything you have made I feel special wearing, the fabrics are soft and the patterns are really different and stylish and the double sided turban and snood, I think I will probably live in!
  • It was lovely to meet you today. Thanks so much for your help and advice. I feel well prepared for the hair loss that’s rapidly coming!
    Many thanks again Claire. I really enjoyed meeting you and doing something positive about my hair loss!
    Barbara Davies
  • Without Claire’s fabulous creations, I honestly do not know what I would have done during my chemo days.  I had looked everywhere on the web to find this kind of thing and it is just was not there, so it was a fantastic relief to have found her.
    Lucy O’Donnell
  • Thank you so much for meeting with me yesterday. I was very impressed at the quantity of samples you had – it was really useful to be able to “play dress up” and compare and contrast.
    However what I am most grateful for is your kindness and your gentle approach in explain things to me, being flexible and understanding that this is another decision/choice in what seems to be an endless list of decisions/choices to be made in this unexpected path I find myself on.
    Amanda Wright
  • That was a great meeting. I am feeling delighted. Thank You for guiding me through your amazing range of fabrics and styles. So exciting!
  • The hats assorted are so wonderful. I am wearing between 3 and 4 every day!!!! The hair loss has been so breathtakingly fast I can not imagine how I would have managed. Far too hot for wigs and my head feels sore sometimes. I am sleeping in bamboo — so comfortable and living in silk— perfect in this heat. I am so delighted and very appreciative of the speed of the delivery. All the fabrics you selected (rather than my initial ones) are the ones I love!!!! Aegean blue bamboo for instance!!! You really are so talented
    Sue Hurst
  • My mum is so happy with the first hat,  she absolutely wants a second one.  Will get back to you soon!
    Michèle Perl
  • I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2012.  Luckily it was caught early but I had to undergo chemo and radiotherapy.  Never being very clever at tying scarves I heard that Claire had made some clever designs using beautiful fabrics that were cleverly cut and had elastic for added security.  I had 3 scarves made – a cotton liberty print ‘bonnet’ style cap with ties which I virtually wore every day, a white scarf for summer days and a gorgeous silk scarf for glam occasions. Losing your hair is one of the worst and most dramatic results of enduring chemotherapy and can make you feel as though you have lost your femininity.  Wearing Claire’s beautiful scarves gave some of that back!
    Claire Godman-Dorington
  • Claire made me some beautiful scarf style hats that I wore constantly when I lost my hair during chemotherapy treatment. She was extremely sensitive and kind when visiting me at home which I really appreciated as it was a difficult time. I was able to try different styles and options that would suit me best. Claire had a large range of beautiful soft silks and cottons and they fitted perfectly. I found the scarves very easy to wear and was able to change colours and styles depending on my mood and what I was wearing. Even though I had previously bought a number of hats, scarves and a wig from a well know London store I much preferred the soft feel and elegant design of Claire’s hats.
    Lucy Sanders
  • I decided to start with two different designs in different types of fabric.  I lost my hair fairly quickly after that and started wearing the scarves straight away.   One very quickly became my favourite and I wore it all the time. I then had a further three made and then another two as the warmer weather came – so that I had a scarf for every occasion!  Claire came to my house with a mass of different fabrics.  We would stand in front of the mirror putting each fabric up against my face until we decided on the suitable ones.  She was endlessly patient as I was incredibly indecisive and we always had a laugh. The scarves were fantastic.  They made me feel completely at ease and gave me the confidence to go out during the day and in the evenings and most importantly were just so easy to put on.  My family liked them and it was a huge relief for my girls that I turn up at school looking vaguely glamorous!!! Claire always went the extra mile to make sure I had the right fabric and made the scarves really quickly so I was never without.  She was extremely empathetic and put me completely at ease.
    Sarah Gardner
  • Thank you so much for making the beautiful bandanas. I have tried them all on, each one felt so light, cool and comfy. I tend to only wear my wig when I go out, if I don’t feel too good I wear a scarf out and always at home. I am looking forward to wearing one of my new bandanas tomorrow.
    Lesley Jawad
  • I have worn my bandanas very day, everyone has commented on how lovely they are. My hair is about an inch long now, I don’t feel confident just yet to go out without my bandana on.
    Lucinda Jones
  • I would just like to thank you very much for sending me the bespoke head scarf, it’s lovely and has kept me very cool in this recent heatwave we have had!
    Julia Turner
  • Thanks so much for the latest hats, they’ve been much admired
    Lydia Wright
  • Thank you for sending the lovely turbans, all very well fitting! I shall wear one of them – the silk at a wedding on Saturday.
    Lady Valerie Solti
  • Love, love, love my turbans – they are all beautiful & I will be ordering more Liberty print headscarves shortly.
    Caroline Baker
  • It has been a very positive experience visiting you at home with most of my wife’s wardrobe in tow; we both now feel confident that she has a hat or headscarf to match everything and see her through her treatment in style
    Mr Clark
  • Thanks for getting the scarves & hats to me in time for Christmas. I love the charcoal silk scarf and will wear it on New Year’s Eve. Any tips on how best to style it?
    Laila Court