Trendy Turban

Amber Trendy Turban

This highly fashionable turban can be worn with either a prominent front knot or can be worn as a twisted turban look. I wanted to design a more on trend turban for my younger more fashionable turbanistas. It’s a great design that fits low at the nape of the neck & then the front can either be twisted into a knot or you can twist it a couple of times and pull the front sections around to the back of the head to create a cool twisted turban look. It is really versatile giving two great looks that both add height & fullness to the face. The incredibly soft fabric stretches to fit your head perfectly and so it is one size fits all – just tie your knot or twist to fit your head.

I have chosen a cute leopard print cotton stretchy jersey fabric in 3 colourways as well as my regular plain bamboo jersey fabric that is incredibly soft and drapes beautifully. I have fallen in love with the amazing softness of bamboo jersey, it really is the most comfortable of fabrics for a chemo turban. The properties of bamboo are never ending – it is antibacterial, anti-static, offers UV protection & perfect for sensitive skin – as your scalp so often becomes sore, dry & itchy during chemotherapy treatment for cancer this really is the perfect choice. The bamboo fabrics are a hollow fibre like wool it will keep you warm in the winter & is also breathable & wickable & said to keep you 4% cooler than cotton in the summer. Machine washable. I have called this trendy turban Amber, after fashion historian & turban wearing Amber Butchart who you can see modelling it!

Priced at £40

Learn to tie the Amber Turban

Amber Turban

Amber Trendy Turban Blue Leopard Fabric
Amber Turban in Soft Fuchsia Fabric