Sustainability I’ve been meaning to write this for ages but having watched “’Fashion Reimagined” this [...]

Q&A with my local Macmillan Service

I give 5% of all my online sales proceeds to my local Macmillan service in [...]

Hatlines Magazine Feature

During a zoom call with Lauren Ritchie when she was researching her article on “The [...]

Hat Lines – The Headwear Style of Amber Butchart

Download full article (PDF)   [...]

Drain Dollies & Charley Wood

I came across my fellow Spotlight Award winner, Charley, when I read about her recently [...]

Identify your face shape

Oval faces have broader cheeks, a narrower forehead & are longer than they are wide. [...]

Interview with Ellie Lines as designer collaboration launches

I’m very excited to launch my first designer collaboration with the brilliant fashion designer, Ellie [...]

Lovely piece on Winter Headwear in Happy Magazine

Holly Kennedy runs Ireland’s first dedicated cancer support magazine & approached me to write an [...]

A brief history of the fashion turban

Traditionally the turban was worn for religious reasons and as Amber Butchart (as seen looking [...]

Chemo Headwear in Vita Magazine

Download Vita Article (PDF) Headscarves, bandanas, turbans and hats can be a great alternative to [...]