Identify your face shape

Oval faces have broader cheeks, a narrower forehead & are longer than they are wide. Most hats suit this face shape & headwear is best sat lower on the forehead. Avoid turbans with lots of height but otherwise most styles will suit this face shape.
Kitty, Rose, Olive, Alice, Eliza, Tilly, Evie & Lucy styles all should suit.

Square faces are angular with a strong jawline, they have a wide forehead & cheekbones. The distance from the forehead to the chin and from cheek to cheek is the same. Tall crowns add length & asymmetric or circular brims soften the squareness of the face so choose curves & round hat shapes that are feminine with curvy lines.
Kitty, Rose, Lucy, Sophia, Eliza & Alice styles will suit best.

Round faces have a round chin & full cheeks. Asymmetric hats with a high crown will draw the eye up vertically so look for height in your headwear. Avoid hats that have a round crown or are narrower than the face. An angular hat will balance the roundness of the face. Wear your headwear pushed back from your face not low on your forehead.
Rose, Lucy, Olive, Kitty, Sophia, Alice, Eliza are best styles.

Heart shaped faces have a broad forehead, wide cheekbones & the chin is the narrowest part of the face. Slant a hat to one side & it will slim your face. Choose styles which slim the forehead to make it appear narrower. Most styles suit this face shape.
Lucy, Sophia, Kitty, Olive, Rose, Alice, Tilly & Evie are all good.

Oblong faces have a high forehead, a narrow jawline & are long in length. The sides of the face go straight down so look for a round shape hat to counterbalance. Avoid high crowns as they will elongate the face but look for clean, sharp lines with extra width. Pull your headwear down to your eyebrows to shorten your face.
Kitty, Rose, Alice, Eliza & Evie will suit best.