Cancer Turban Hat

Hat for cancer patients in bamboo fabric
Rose design Chemo Turban Hat

This chemo hat is a cross between a hat and a turban! It has two bands of fabric that lay around the brim of the hat creating a kind of knot at the front & the back, creating interest & volume around the face. It is flattering to most face shapes. It sits low at the nape of neck and the stretchy jersey means it will stretch to fit your head snugly. The circular crown section ensures a neat fit. It is an ideal base hat that a favourite scarf can be folded around and secured in place, you can twist a scarf around the band sections to great effect. Perfect to throw on and be out the door in seconds. I have called this hat Rose.

I offer this cancer turban hat in 2 different fabrics, Liberty jersey fabric in a wonderful selection of ever changing beautiful prints. The drape & quality of the Liberty viscose jersey is second to none and I hope that there should be a print for everyone there, whether you have blue, green or brown eyes.

I have fallen in love with the amazing softness of bamboo jersey, it really is the most comfortable of fabrics for a chemo sleep hat. The properties of bamboo are never ending – it is antibacterial, anti-static, offers UV protection & perfect for sensitive skin – as your scalp so often becomes sore, dry & itchy during chemotherapy treatment for cancer this really is the perfect choice. As it is a hollow fibre like wool it will keep you warm in the winter & is also breathable & wickable & said to keep you 4% cooler than cotton in the summer.

The Rose Range