All of my products are hand stitched by myself to fit you.

I make in 4 sizes :

Extra Small (21″ or 53cm)
Small (21.5” or 55cm)
Medium (22.5” or 57cm)
Large (23.5” or 60cm)

Children’s heads are quite variable but as a guide

Baby 0-2 years (19” or 48cm)
Toddler 3-5 years (20” or 51cm)
Child 6-12 years (21” or 53cm)
Teenager ( 21.5” or 55cm).

To take your head measurement wrap a tape measure firmly across your forehead above your ears and around the back at the widest part of your head as if wearing a crown (must be where terminology crown of your head came from!?). If you don’t own a tape measure then you could always use a piece of ribbon and measure, cut and then lay it flat against a ruler. Please indicate your head size at the time of placing order so that I can ensure the perfect fit for you.