Trendy Turban Little Lifts Charity Collaboration


Little Lifts is a charity that provides the most thoughtfully handpicked gifts to support people with breast cancer. In the East of England, their hospital partnerships help spread kindness. If you are receiving treatment in one of these hospitals then you will automatically receive a box. The Little Kindness Fund is for people living in the UK who are receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment for primary or secondary breast cancer, but aren’t being treated with a hospital Little Lifts is partnered with. You can apply to the Fund to receive a Little Lifts Box, free of charge, to support you through cancer treatment. I was delighted to design a turban for them in their signature pink in a fun spot (that aunt Hilary would have loved!) and it gives me great pleasure to donate £5 from every sale of this turban to Little Lifts.

Little Lifts Logo

This trendy turban can be worn with either a prominent front knot or can be worn as a twisted turban look. It’s a great design that fits low at the nape of the neck & then the front can either be tied into a knot or you can twist it a couple of times and pull the front sections around to the back of the head to create a cool twisted turban look. It is really versatile giving two great looks. I have chosen a classic black spot on their signature pink in a soft stretchy organic cotton jersey. The organic cotton jersey is 95% cotton 5% elastane, it is breathable and wickable keeping you warm in the winter & cool in the summer. Machine washable.

Priced at £40