Eliza Liberty Tana Lawn


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This visor scarf is a little less “cancer patient” and a little more normal poolside casual. It has a visor to protect eyes from the sun & allows you to read a book.

Made from a beautiful selection of 100% cotton Liberty of London tana lawn prints. This fabric is incredibly lightweight & soft so ties easily at the back of the neck, draping nicely and keeping you as cool as possible. Due to the wickable nature of the fabric it will draw moisture away from the body quickly keep you cool & as sweat free as possible. Also, cotton won’t matter if it gets wet as it will quickly dry.

The front visor is softly padded with a pretty multi stitch detail, to which is attached a triangle of headscarf that can simply be tied at the nape of your neck.

Perfect for protecting a sensitive scalp from the strength of the sun in the summer!

This is a one size fits all product.

100% cotton. Gentle machine wash.