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Demonstration headwear for workshop

I run quite a few headwear workshops, often in Macmillan centres, showing ladies different ways to tie square or long scarves and suggesting ways to use scarves they might already have. I can also demonstrate the various styles of hats, turbans, beanies, ready-tied headscarves & bandanas that I make and suggest which might suit certain face shapes, eye colour, complexion & personal style. Colour & print are also really important to experiment with as certain colours really suit some people but not others. I have some useful tips & advice for ladies facing hair loss & hope to make it a little less of a daunting prospect.

A large part of why I love running Chemo Headwear so much is meeting people & helping them find something they actually want to wear that makes them feel & look good whilst hopefully regaining some confidence with their new look wearing hats & scarves during hair loss. During the Corona pandemic all face to face meetings have had to be cancelled but I realised I could easily offer virtual face to face consultations using interactive video technology Zoom. This would also enable me to help ladies who might not live near where I currently offer workshops and can be done from home or hospital.

To book a private online consultation please email and we can fix a mutually convenient time.