Summer Styling Tips from Chemo Headwear

05 Aug

I think the first thing to consider for summer headwear looks is temperature – keeping cool whilst looking cool! Always choose natural fibres that are wickable (draw moisture away from the body therefore keeping you cool). Definitely no sweaty polyester fabric please. If you want a stretchy comfortable jersey fabric then bamboo jersey in a […]

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Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

21 Feb
alice cancer headscarf

It is a strange coincidence that it is in the same year, 2011, that both Lucy O’Donnell (author of “Cancer is my teacher”) who drove me to start Chemo Headwear & Anikka Burton (founder of Not Another Bunch Of Flowers) were diagnosed with breast cancer. I read about Anikka in The Times and thought what an amazing […]

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More things to consider when choosing headwear

08 Nov
Soft chemotherapy turban

When I am having an initial consultation with a bespoke dress client under my Featherstone Frocks label I always ask them to bring any favourite dresses so that we can try them on & see what suits their body shape best. It is usually very easy to see what suits a women’s body shape pretty […]

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How to choose the right Chemo Headwear styles

24 Nov
Bamboo Turban for Cancer Sufferers

When I started Chemo Headwear ( I started by approaching local hospitals and charities as I wanted to really help people with what suited them best. The style/shape of headwear and the colouring are both really important in creating a look that suits you and therefore creates some confidence with your new look. Most of […]

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