More things to consider when choosing headwear

08 Nov
Soft chemotherapy turban

When I am having an initial consultation with a bespoke dress client under my Featherstone Frocks label I always ask them to bring any favourite dresses so that we can try them on & see what suits their body shape best. It is usually very easy to see what suits a women’s body shape pretty […]

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How to choose the right Chemo Headwear styles

24 Nov
Bamboo Turban for Cancer Sufferers

When I started Chemo Headwear ( I started by approaching local hospitals and charities as I wanted to really help people with what suited them best. The style/shape of headwear and the colouring are both really important in creating a look that suits you and therefore creates some confidence with your new look. Most of […]

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The Wonders of Bamboo Fabric

27 Jul
Ruched hat for cancer patients in bamboo fabric

The earliest patents for bamboo go back to 1864 by Philipp Lichtenstadt who wanted  to create a “new and useful process for disintegrating the fibre of bamboo so that it may be used in manufacturing cordage, cloth, mats, or pulp for paper.” Yet somehow, despite the availability of the material, it’s only been within recent […]

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History of Liberty Tana Lawn

20 Apr
Liberty Tana Lawn Wiltshire Fabric

Liberty of London made their reputation first by importing the finest Oriental fabrics, and later by producing fabrics of their own design. Arthur Lasenby Liberty was born in 1843 in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England, the son of a draper. When Liberty was sixteen, he worked first for an uncle who owned a lace warehouse and then in 1859 […]

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Mother’s Day & Hairloss

04 Mar
Silk satin headscarf for cancer patients

With Mother’s Day approaching I have been thinking about all the mothers & daughters I have met recently to advise on chemo headwear. I have a lot of ladies come to me as they have young children, daughters in particular, who don’t ever want to see their Mummy without hair. It was this need several […]

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